Why do lots of companies say they can improve my website?

Anybody who owns a website will receive emails promising amazing and guaranteed improvements in their Google results. They promise failsafe techniques that can boost any site to the top of the charts.

As with so much of the internet, you need to keep your wits about you.

A typical pitch to watch out for is a weekly ‘high quality backlink’ promoting your site. This means they will find a website every week that is willing to add a link back to your website. There are a couple of ways this can be done:

  • Adding links from worthless directory sites that Google will just ignore.
  • Adding links from a ‘link farm’ of websites under the SEO company’s direct control. These ‘farm’ websites exist only to grow backlinks.

Before allowing your website to take part in such a scheme, consider that the people at Google are very smart. They spend all day trying to make sure that the top search results go to the best websites with the best information from the most authoritative sources.

When Google checks your backlinks they want them to look natural. Adding a link every week is not natural behaviour. If Google spots an unusual pattern or relationship in the sources of those links then it is a red flag.

The bottom line is that if you pay directly for links you may be demoted in search results.

Search Engine Optimisation and website improvement you can trust

We will tell you straight out – there are no shortcuts to good search engine performance. Listing your site with hundreds of directories will achieve nothing. Buying links or other ‘Black Hat’ tricks can have you thrown off Google entirely. Protect the investment in your website. Build a relationship with a specialist that you trust. Do not be impressed with amazing promises of instant success.

If you take nothing else away from this website, then remember this:

If you try and outsmart Google they will figure it out sooner or later and you will lose your money! They can (and do) drop websites down the search results or even remove them entirely. Stick to our core principles and you won’t go wrong. Your website will be productive in the long-term if you follow these three rules:

Good content

Done the right way

With maximum visibility