What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of activities that, taken together, can boost a website’s position in search engine results (eg Google). SEO has evolved as business realised the importance of a good search engine ranking. A website that appears on page one or two of Google’s results will have a dramatically different number of visitors than sites on page ten.

SEO can broadly be divided into two streams with every activity aimed at improving the quality signals that Google and other search engines use to build their results:

On page SEO – deals with the design and content of a website.
Off-page SEO – deals with the external promotion of a website to the rest of the internet.

Good SEO promotes the best possible messages in the best possible way. It can be thought of as a tuning process and the exact steps taken will be unique to every organisation.

With the correct combination of research, technical, design and marketing skills, an SEO specialist can transform how a website is treated by search engines and give an organisation a real competitive edge.

The three activities below are just a small subset of the tasks that go into a successful SEO campaign:

  • Examining the searches that people actually make on Google to identify key messages and phrases that can attract viewers.
  • Checking each page of a website to ensure that key messages are correctly placed and formatted.
  • Promoting a website by identifying opportunities to get links from other websites. A link from a reputable and relevant website is a ‘vote’ and Google keeps count.