What is on-page optimisation?

On-page SEO is the process of tuning every element of a website so that the signals it sends Google are all working to boost the site in Google’s eyes.

When a search engine like Google tries to place a website in its massive database, it analyses a huge number of factors to try and work out the site’s intention, validity and quality.

In order to determine where a website will appear in search results for any given question, Google looks at everything on the page. This means the words, images, titles, menus, formatting and the code behind them can all help or hinder a website’s results. Even subtle changes like correct use of bold text or where you put a title on the page can make a difference.

On-page SEO examples could include everything from:

  • reordering existing page content
  • Renaming menu items
  • creating new targeted content
  • examining how images are placed and described